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DAENO Events
  1. DAENO Podcast Release
    Tune in to the first four episodes of the Poor Paddle Podcast at http://daeno-paddle.blubrry.net
    18 January 2018
  2. DAENO Podcast Ep 6
    To jump-start Black History Month and the beginning of our weekly schedule, tune in to Poor Paddle at http://daeno-paddle.blubrry.net to hear Creek and a very special guest.
    01 February 2018
  3. DAENO Podcast Ep 7
    Listen as Rome E. Creek loses a verbal battle with himself. http://daeno-paddle.blubrry.net
    08 February 2018
  4. DAENO Podcast Ep 8
    Tune in to hear words from our special guest, along with business and music recommendations. http://daeno-paddle.blubrry.net
    15 February 2018

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